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We provide Corporate Governance of independent hotels, on behalf of its Investors and Owners, at first by implementing cloud-based USALI Reporting, followed by Business Planning and on-going Performance Management of Hotel Management so that operating EBITDA, Asset Value and Debt-Service of a hotel can be secured, sustained and improved.

  • We identify hotels‘ revenue opportunities and can help hotels to optimise its operational cost, by implementing the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (in short USALI).
  • We provide hotels with Performance Management Software in the format of USALI – 11th version, as well as conversion of past accounting data and training & advisory for effective implementation of USALI.

Our team consists of highly trained specialists, which can apply USALI for business planning and monitoring, re-assessing and negotiating debt service as well as property valuation for the purpose of hotel EXIT sale.

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