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Heads in the Beds - revenue management & sales for hotels

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Without the need for a licensed brand, franchise or management contract
An exclusive service for Investors and Owners of independent hotels and resorts

  • We provide Business Planning and manage your hotels Revenue Management to help your hotel to increase both revenue and profit.
  • We distinguish between small and independent B&B hotels and hostels without the need for GDS distribution and full service independent boutique city hotels & holiday resorts up to 5-stars, which also require distribution through GDS to reach the corporate/consortia and luxury travel trade.

We hand-pick the right booking technology for your hotel

Each hotel is different, and each hotel requires a different  approach to maximize its turnover and profit, 
through a property unique market positioning, by applying the most appropriate booking technology tools

  • We apply an all-in-one booking technology solution which best serves your hotel:
    A new PMS, a new hotel website, a new booking engine, a new channel manager, and when appropriate for your hotel also GDS tools to capture both international corporate & consortia business, including the luxury travel trade.
  • And on top membership in one of the hotel industry’s most effective loyalty programs and on-line Reputation Management.

We implement and manage revenue management for your hotel, in line with your budgeted goals and the needs of your hotel team

  • Outsourced Revenue Management: We do it all, from setting strategy to maintaining rates and availability on a daily basis, and helping your hotel to sell its unique story instead of just another rate discount.
  • Supervision of your Revenue Manager and Sales & Marketing Manager: We coach your key management in charge of revenue and sales, and show them the way how to achieve your budgeted targets.
  • Ad-hoc Advisory of Revenue Management: We are at your disposal per set Project and without any further mutual obligation.

Optional, we hit the road, and promote your hotel to the Luxury Travel, MICE and Corporate Trade

For small and independent B&B hotels and hostels:

  • Sales Cold Calling & Face-to-Face Sales Calls, to our network of industry contacts, sourcing new leads for your hotel.

For independent boutique city hotels & holiday resorts up to 5-stars:

  • Exclusive Private Luxury Sales Forums, 4 x per year, featuring guaranteed 50 “one-on-one” sales calls between your hotel sales manager and prospective bona fide buyers from the luxury travel trade.

Markets served for Hotel Sales Representation

Our network of hotel sales professionals know each, and every bona fide buyer from the (luxury) travel trade in person and by name, per respective market.

DACH (Austria, Germany and Switzerland), Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), France including its overseas territories, the UK and the Republic of IrelandItalyMaltaSpain and PortugalCentral Europe (Czech and the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova), South-Eastern Europe (Greece, Macedonia, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania), North AmericaSouth AmericaRussian FederationUkraineIndiaPeople Republic of China including Taiwan and Hong-KongAustralia and New Zealand, the Middle Eastern region except for Israel and Turkey, and the Middle Eastern - Far Eastern region including Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

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Gransier & Associates is a Business Advisory firm based in Vienna, Austria. 
Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we may assist you. 
Call us on +43-1-548-4381, or click here to contact us through this website
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